The Swiss Avenue Alliance Against Crime was established in 1990. We are a not-for-profit organization that uses off duty Dallas police officers to patrol our neighborhood. Currently there are three Dallas police officers who patrol our neighborhood in marked, computer equipped squad cars. The amount of time spent in the neighborhood is determined entirely on the amount of donations received from Swiss Avenue Historic district residents. We recommend that each household contribute $50.00/month. Contributions are completely voluntary.

The police officers answer burglary in process calls in our area, 911 calls in our area, confiscate firearms, ticket speeders and failure to stop offenses, escort prostitutes and intoxicated persons from the area, check abandoned cars, rescue lost pets, and listen to/act upon messages left on our voice mail system. Residents may request extra protection while away on vacation or business by using the Alliance?s voice mail system.

Most residents agree that the presence of the Dallas police officers in our neighborhood has lowered crime. Please consider making a contribution. All monies go directly to paying the officers by the hour. More donations allow more police presence in the Swiss Avenue Historic District!!

How to contribute:
You can contribute by sending a check to SAAAC, PO Box 140998, Dallas, TX 75214. We recommend that each household contribute $50.00/month. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or yearly.

If you use an online banking bill payment system, you can add Swiss Avenue Alliance Against Crime as an additional payee. Just add our name and address-Swiss Avenue Alliance Against Crime, P O Box 140998, Dallas, TX 75214-to your payee information. Your bank will mail us the check. To make it even easier, set us up as a recurring, automatic payment and your bank will send us a check every month.

We do not offer a direct debit (bank draft) payment program.